Who are We???

The Moot Court Committee (MCC) of National University Of Study And Research in Law, Ranchi (NUSRL) right from its inception in 2011, has just moved from strength to strength. Mooting help students to develop the most important skill of a lawyer’s profession – the art of argument. Mooting being the most important part of any law school, MCC, NUSRL supervise and regulate all mooting activities in the university.

The MCC strives to expose the students to a plethora of moot court competitions of national and international stature. The MCC controls and coordinates the organisation and allotment of moot court competition to students, which include competitions within the university and outside as well. Apart from organising intra- university moot court competition for students, it also conducts seminars, lectures, fests etc for overall growth and development of students in NUSRL.

MCC is now one of the most active and vibrant committees in NUSRL. Due to committed efforts of all its members it has now been able to develop a mooting culture, encouraging more students to participate and also bring name to the college in various national competitions.

Having shifted to the new campus and dedicated team-efforts of MCC, our university is soon going to host it’s First National Moot Court Competition. This would a landmark in the history of both MCC as well as NUSRL.

The MCC, NUSRL is headed by its Chairman – Mr. Kaushik Bagchi (Asst Prof) and Co-chairman Ms. Hiral Mehta (Asst Prof) along with 4 faculty members and a group of energetic, industrious student work force divided into sub-committees.

List containing the name of moot court committee members can be accessed by clicking on the link below

 NUSRL Moot Court Committee 2015


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